What is "White Hat" SEO?

White Hat SEO is a term that shows what techniques you are basically using to rank your website in Google. A fully white hat website will never buy any backlinks or use any other methods to actively change the websites rankings. In our opinion, no website doing SEO is really “White Hat”.

No funny business

It basically means that the webmaster of  a White Hat Website is only using good content and publishing linkable content. 

There will be no things like a code-snippet injection to refresh loadingtimes on websites or sending any backlinks to pages like PBNs.

Also no Social Signals

What we like to do for brand new websites is buying Social Signals. These are Shares on major sites like Facebook or Linkedin. We use them so new websites get indexed faster.

Also when we start new sites, we will use Social Signals first to warm up our link building efforts. Before we dont have some Social Signals (modelling a “viral content”) we will not send any links.

Webmaster Guidelines

Googles Webmasters Guidelines also state that you should not do any linkbuilding to your site. But in our opinon, any website currently ranking in Google is doing some sort of active linkbuilding.

Either through techniques like link seeding or broken link building or just by giving money to webmasters for linking to them. 

Whitehat Linkbuilding

White Hat is the hardest way to get links. It is the method by which all links are obtained naturally, at no cost, but with an exceptionally well-developed SEO and marketing strategy. When choosing this method, you can expect a gradual, steady and lasting increase in search engine rankings. White Hat involves creating reference content on your site, creating and distributing infographics, press releases, innovative product launches, interviews, developing or discovering things that change the lives of people in a particular field, in short, absolutely everything that can be done for journalists, bloggers and notorious sites to consider your site a reference point online and write naturally about it.

Greyhat Linkbuilding

Gray Hat is a truth recognized by few SEO companies in Europe, most saying they do White Hat, but this is a kind of optimization that uses neither Black Hat nor White Hat techniques.

In short, we use white, but paid techniques. A good SEO company knows how to implement an SEO promotion strategy through Gray Hat methods so that the link building methods seem as natural as possible, so that the search engine robots believe that white strategies are used.

Blackhat Linkbuilding

Black Hat is a technique that exploits various weaknesses in algorithms or search engines in order to quickly get high results from websites in search engines. This method is not approved by search engines and especially Google and is quickly sanctioned. When you choose this method, you can expect an unpredictable, fast, but very short-lived increase in search engine rankings. Black Hat involves techniques that include excessive keywords, spam links, hidden text, hidden links, cloaking, etc. This method is not recommended, but it is used by some more obscure seo optimization companies, which are not aware of the latest algorithm changes from Google.


SEO methods offers different ROI and inherent risks which needs to be analyzed based on customers demands and vision.

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