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Revealing Google Quotes

Can you rank without links?

Links are still the #1 ranking factor, says Google

"Ranking without links is really, really hard. Yes, the external links."

Gary Illyes, Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google

"Links in particular are really important to Google because that's how we discover the rest of your website."

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

“[...] getting a link from a high PR page used to always be valuable, today it’s more the relevance of the site [...].”

Andre Weyher, Search Quality Team at Google



Some websites do not need more authority or power (linkjuice) but need to fix something Onpage to rank.

Make sure everything is perfect Onpage (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trust (EAT), Keyword Cannabilization, Sitespeed, enough Content, mobile optimized, etc.)


What we are doing:


Once we found Link Opportunities for
you we will:


We are checking each site for:

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Design of the site

Traffic overview

Backlink Profile


Linkbuilding Campaings

Successful Outreach

Successful link building improves the visibility of your website and can therefore make a decisive contribution to your company’s success. Links are still a very important factor for the visibility of websites.

we design an individual link building strategy for your website and then implement it. You will receive regular reports from us about the links built up and the development of visibility.

With high-quality content you increase the awareness of your brand, generate sales and win new customers. 

You answer a few short questions about your company and we create unique content that your target group will love.

By strategically sharing your content on social media platforms, we ensure that your company achieves high levels of reach. 

Put an end to content that nobody reads.