What is International SEO?

Your website is classified by Google country by country, especially according to your domain and the language used. So if you (exclusively) have a German domain and your content is written in German, it is very likely that search engines will offer your online offers to (potential) customers from other countries. If you want to do international SEO, these and many other factors have to be adjusted to the target markets and the major search engines have to be convinced on a technical level to place your website accordingly. However, it is no less important to take full account of the sometimes different search behaviour of international prospects.

Generic global domains

For truly global companies, choosing a top-tier generic domain, such as .com, is always good. Even if it can only operate in one or a few specific international markets, this will increase its chances of being found by stakeholders in other countries. However, the use of country-specific top-level domains for specific markets may be an alternative. These provide the most confidence as well as the best usability and last but not least, the ideal technical requirements of SEO compared to Google. We will be happy to advise you personally on the most appropriate option in your particular case.

Using subdomains

If you use subdomains, you must also set the geographic destination in the Google search console. They are generally easier to handle than separate country code top-level domains. Subdomains benefit to some extent from the main domain, but the strength of the links is distributed among the individual sub-domains. However, in case of a penalty, only the individual subdomain is affected. In addition, subdomains are usually not very common for users, who therefore have less confidence.

Country specific backlinks

Links remain an important classification criterion. If you have country specific pages, country specific links also belong to a natural link profile of a page. If you create country-specific content or a target group, you also have a good chance of getting country-specific links without having to buy them. If you are actively building links, make sure that your link partners link to their respective country domains and that e.g. not (only) Swiss pages link to your Dutch company website.


Using automated tools

In the meantime there are a lot of tools that can be used to localize websites. We have found that there is a german startup called deepl which is consistently showing very good results localizing content from other countries. Its specifically acurate in chosing the right phrases and translations for different languages, while focusing on local dialects like the UK or US in the english lanugage.

Therefore its becoming increaslingly cost efficient especially for European companies and affiliates as well as website owners and startups to localize the often remarkably good content to other countries outside of the EU using these tools. We can help you to localize and rank in other countries extremely lean and mean.

International Linkbuilding

We always have been fans of using link opportunities from all countries. This is especially true for truly international companies trying to rank in almost any place in the world such as Africa, English speaking countries or exotic countries such as Thailand. We always like to give a real life example of a website called “xx” which was basically a tool to hack wifi passwords.

It became increasingly popular and the owners of the website and the tool never did any linkbuilding. Because the company is based in Russia and there are a lot of russian developers, it became widely discussed also in Russian newspapers. Accordingly this website has tons of links from all over the world, including websites from countries mostly not used in any linkbuilding efforts such as .ru or .lv or even .ro links.

We personally are using these kinds of links on a consistent basis on our own sites as well as if agreed upon also on our clients sites. If the websites we book links and articles on are having consistent traffic over 5000 visitors a month they will increase rankings definitevel

New markets and customers

Those who can open new markets will benefit from a large number of new customers. However, implementation must be planned strategically and at great expense. This includes market analyses, translations, search engine optimization and marketing measures. Ask yourself: Does the effort justify the expected benefits? If a great success is not expected, it is better to use the budget for measures on the existing website. In general, there is also great potential for improvement in this area. However, the expected benefits are more important than that: try your luck!

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