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No top rankings without link building – this important message is the tenor of all international SEO conferences and has also been confirmed by the search engines themselves. However, not all link building is the same – professional link building is becoming increasingly important: Google has become astonishingly good at identifying undesirable SEO measures and treating them accordingly thanks to numerous algorithm improvements. If you do not pay attention to sustainability when building links, you risk a loss of ranking.

Professional link building takes care of exactly this problem and sets a different focus than previous SEO strategies: This is all about long-term optimisation of visibility. When selecting link sources, special attention is paid to ensuring that they fit the existing backlink profile. Strong backlinks are mainly used for backlink building. Cheap mass links should not be used under any circumstances – there is too great a risk that they will have a negative influence on the rankings.

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We have our company headquarters in the tranquil Malta near Sicily Italy. The majority of our customers come from Germany – but we also work for many companies from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. We also maintain a large network in these countries and can implement successful link building campaigns in the respective national language. We would be happy to advise you on how you can make your own website internationally successful.

There are over 200 Google ranking factors but not all of them are equally important. From over 10 years of Linkbuilder experience we can tell you that link building SEO is still one of the most important top ranking factors in 2019/20. Link building SEO works! Sustainable, long-term, efficient! Let us show you numerous successful examples of link building SEO. 

You have produced great content, and now your aim is to make this content available to as many people as possible? Then distribution or social seeding is a very effective way. Either through your own existing community, through a new one to be built up or through a purchased community. Use the reach of Facebook & Co. to increase your reach directly in your target groups. 


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To achieve this we work with result-oriented and sustainable SEO strategies and SEO measures. In addition to detailed SEO analyses and intensive (telephone or personal) and always individual SEO advice, we as a professional SEO provider are also happy to take over the implementation of your website at any time. We also offer workshops & seminars as well as sustainable off-page optimizations.